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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Live Sale?
    A Live Sale is the transformation of an Instagram Live into a crystal auction. Rather than listening to the Little Golden Butterfly teach or talk, as is typical in many IG Lives, you will spend several hours together with a community called The Golden Tribe exploring rare quality crystals that you can claim and purchase. In the Live Sale, Raina, the shop owner, shows one item at a time and shares some information about it. Once she reveals the price tag, you can claim the item with a claim word or emoji and the price. If you are the first claim in Raina's chat, the item is taken to your open shipping box and added to an itemized list in a product listed as your IG handle at our IG Sales page.
  • How do I participate in a Live Sale?
    Follow @littlegoldenbutterfly on Instagram. Look in the bio for the date of the next Live Sale. When Raina goes live, join the session. Anytime a new item is shown, Raina will give a brief description. When the item is turned to reveal the price, you can comment to claim in the chat box. Use a word or emoji plus the price to be in the running for the given item. Example: An amethyst tower is turned to reveal it costs 25. We do not use $$$ because IG may block your comment. So instead, it looks like, "MINE 25" or "💗25". If your claim is first to appear in Raina's comments, the crystal is placed in your box and added to your custom invoice at our IG Sales page. Our community has high standards of respect, honor, and integrity. We do not bash, undercut, or harass one another. Instead, we develop relationships, learn together, and share the love and light of our Golden Tribe.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    US shipping starts at $15 in a medium sized box. You can request the box be sent at any time or wait until the box is full at which point our team will ship your crystals to you promptly.
  • What is an open box?
    Because you have the opportunity to BUILD-A-BOX of crystals over time, an open box means that you have already paid for shipping, but there is space in your shipping box for additional claims. While some people choose to close their box and ship at the end of each week, others keep their box open for several weeks. Remember, you can request that your box be shipped at any point in time. If not, your crystals will stay safely with the Little Golden Butterfly team until the box is full and closed. At. this point, you will open a new box when you make your next claim.
  • How do I purchase my IG Live Sales and checkout?
    Here are the steps... 1. Click on "IG Sales" 2. Create your site membership OR Login 3. Search for and click on your Instagram handle (it is posted as a product) 4. Add your product to the bag and proceed to checkout
  • I paid for my claims last week, where is my package?"
    Our Live Sale process is unique. As you claim your crystals, you begin to BUILD-A-BOX. In other words, each claim that you make is placed in your designated medium flat-rate shipping box. The package is not shipped out until the box is full or you direct message on Instagram or the Website telling us to ship. Some people choose to pay for a new box each week and pay the $15 for shipping.
  • How do I reset my password?
    1. Go to 2. Login and Sign-Up in the upper right hand corner. 3. When you are redirected, make sure you differentiate between the Login and Sign-Up. 4. On the Login page, choose "Log in with Email" 5. Here, you can click on "Forgot Password?" Note: If you choose to login through Facebook or Google, your login process will be streamlined and coordinated with credentials for the respective platform.
  • How do I purchase and pay in between Live Sales?
    Our website has a small shop where you can purchase a variety of crystal chips through a normal checkout process. If there are other items that interest you, screenshot the crystal you have in mind and DM @littlegoldenbutterfly. The item(s) will be added to your product (your IG handle) on IG Sales under Our Tribe.
  • What information do you need from me as I join your community?
    Great question! Click Here to submit your contact information for our live sales.
  • Do you have a brick and mortar storefront?
    No, my family runs Little Golden Butterfly from our home. Instead of a brick and mortar store, our shop is hosted on Instagram and on our website. Our focus is more on building a community of inspiration and compassion where we offer rare, quality crystals from our hearts to yours.
  • Why are there only a few items in the store?
    The primary focus of Little Golden Butterfly is to continue building our Golden Tribe and community during Instagram Live Sales. Because Raina offers rare and unique crystals, the store is not stocked with high volume. Instead, you have access to pieces that will not be found in other shops. Minimal items are listed in our shop that you can purchase, but we invite you to explore our IG Sales as your primar means of access to crystals from the heart.
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