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Our Shipping & Return Policy

US Shipping starts at $15.


This fee is billed on your first invoice regardless of your purchase size. We default to BUILD-A-BOX - this means we hold your box and continue placing your claims in it until you request to ship or your box is full.


Claims from a Live Sale must be paid for in the same week.

Without fulfilling an invoice, you will be banned from future live sales. As a small family business, we value the integrity and honesty to engage in our community and live sale process in a way that honors both the customer and our family's health, prosperity and love.

We Hold Your Box


Your Box will NOT SHIP unless it’s full or you specifically request it to ship. If it’s full, we will reach out and let you know your box is shipping. If you want it shipped regardless, please tell us at checkout or Direct Message us.

Return & Exchange Policy​

All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds.

We look forward to meeting you at our next Instagram Live!

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