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Little Golden Butterfly: Symbology

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

When we go inward, the metaphors and meaning of why we are here become so clear...

Little Golden Butterfly is tied directly to family roots, community ties, and personal values.

Begin in the middle of the logo: Crystals from the heart...

This concept is modern and clean. It is all about versatility and the ability to stand out against any background. In its simplicity, strength takes form to inspire you to see beyond the first take, looking a second time to find more symbols and meaning in the interwoven beauty. This symbol really represents comfort and connection as the butterfly holds the crystal diamond in the center. It reminds me of our time together, when my hands are holding up your crystals during live sales. As I hold each crystal during the live sales, there is a sense of love and authenticity that I want to share with you... an energy that radiates between us through our crystals. In this space, the butterfly is me! My energy and passion to build our community and serve you with love and commitment by presenting crystals that help you to find your inner strength.

Now let's explore: Seeing beauty all around...

The concept of my logo overall, is inspired by the gorgeous resin pieces and collaborative pieces shared during our live sales - hand-crafted beauty that can be found only in The Golden Tribe. This exclusivity is what bonds us together in such a unique space of authentic inclusion, trust, and togetherness. The design is made of tiny elements representing our personality as a community

and what I want Little Golden Butterfly to stand for. There are butterflies, crystals, sparkles, a heart and even a spoon to represent my (and our) connections to the Spoonie Community. Like the resin pieces, and some of the crystals we share, we are all made of different elements and experiences that make us who we are in our own unique and beautiful way.

Where do you see a piece of yourself in this elemental logo?

A special thanks to Cierra Rose Designs for creating such a gorgeous representation of my brand soul essence! There's a special touch that we all share in this world - our own unique magic.

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