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Honoring Our Beautiful Shells

Finding Strength & Committing to Self-Care

My precious Golden Tribe, let us honor our beautiful shells!

We must keep our earthly homes healthy.

Especially now, give our bodies sleep and food , sunlight and water.

Our shell protects and shelters the very essence of who we are.

crystals, resin turtle, crystal-infused, sphere holder

When you see a crystal Turtle sparkling brightly on my table,

reflect on all its beloved meanings and cultural perspectives.

A crystal’s forceful field of light and energy shaped into the Turtle’s mold

becomes our symbol of good health and long life we cherish and behold.

Turtles live amid the element of water, and is honored in the legend

that during the Great Flood she saved humankind.

Using her strength and shell, for on her back she carried them

and will protect us again if our earth or we are threatened.

She reminds us of Mother Earth’s sacredness,

and we, in return, shall be gentle.

For we are as one with the earth,

as the shell is to the Turtle.

In Native American symbolism, Turtle is a sacred figure.

She represents Mother Earth, and as the earth mother,

she helps us face our troubles and will carry our heavy burdens.

Are you carrying heavy burdens? Let them go and lay them down.

Entrust them into the Turtle’s care.

The Japanese culture symbolizes the Turtle as good fortune and longevity.

The Chinese culture believes she is a symbol of vitality, patience, and fertility.

In Feng Shui, a Black Turtle exemplifies a happy home, family, and good relationships.

Place your Turtle near your back door for positive Chi attracting luck and blessings.

When our world gets wild and unruly and turns us upside down,

this must be how the Turtle feels when on her back she is found.

We think she can’t flip right side up when she is upside down,

yet that turtle can defy the odds and with her strong neck muscles

work hard and try with all her might and flip her body upright.

She reminds us we are warriors, we use our heads, we are powerful enough

that when others think we can’t, we can show them our sturdy stuff.

When we journey into our childhood, harsh memories may arise.

To bravely chase those memories away, imagine baby turtles.

They hatch, pop out of the sand, and crawl in search of water.

No guidance, just their instinct, determined to make life matter.

The same is true for us, sweet friends,

for the universe holds pools

of healing and loving waters

where we find respite

and restore our tender souls.

Watching the Turtle’s slow and steady progress, we learn from her wisdom.

Connect with her feminine energy, nurturing peace and harmony.

Turtles live and move at their own pace, grounded with earth’s energy.

Are they teaching us a lesson? Slow down. This isn’t a race.

Smell the roses, stay true to your path, and be at peace with your choices.

Stay grounded, express your emotions, retreat into your shell to meditate.

Sure and steady, one step at a time, find your peace and serenity.

With all love and peace to incredible you, from precious Turtle and me.



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