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Whimsical Art With Heart

My Creative Collaboration with @joyce.artwork

I actually found Joyce through a Pinterest link to her Etsy Store.

It was love at first heart.

I immediately had to order the custom listing for a gorgeous resin geode art piece.

And the rest is history ... kind of.

I just kept ordering more custom pieces. And loving every single one.

When I launched LGB, initially as a hobby for me, Joyce had just begun making sphere stands. So that was our beginning…

I have an unquenchable thirst for new, different, and WOW.

I pride myself on the fact that one customer could have attended every single LIVE SALE I've ever hosted and never feel like it's a repeat.

I've found a kindred spirit in Joyce.

Always researching and experimenting to deliver the best quality product out there, Joyce has an equal drive to keep delivering quality and variety.

I'd like to say my crystals and me are her muse, but that feels a bit pretentious.

In the beginning, we executed on almost all our ideas because we were like 2 kids in a candy store, just excited and having fun.

Now, I like to think we've grown into two pretty savvy and awesome Boss Babes in our own right.

Together though, we've learned how to actually run a mutually beneficial Cost and ROI analysis for our collaborations.

It was scary at first to be so open with how we run our business, but trust, first and foremost, made it possible.

I have personally discovered a new sense of confidence as a result.

Knowing my actual costs and learning about hers was eye opening.

I've found myself owning my worth more because of it.

So it may be showing up as pretty crystal infused resin pieces on my Live Sale table, but my collaborations with Joyce have come to represent so much more.

I am so grateful to have found such a kind, talented, and amazing individual to partner and collaborate with in this business.

In business, as in life, I strive to surround myself with people that will inspire me to be my best self everyday. If I'm the average of the five people I hang out with the most, then I sure am going to pick the smartest, most talented, and kind people I know.

Thank you Joyce for being one of my five.

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