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Beautiful Beginnings

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

"I am here to offer magic, loads of happiness, and an abundance of positive vibes to the world around me."

- Raina Kropp, Founder of Little Golden Butterfly

Founding Little Golden Butterfly was a passion project - it was my side hustle at the beginning. At the time, I was working full-time as a Human Resources Business Partner for corporate America when I began my Instagram page and Live Sales. My intention was to begin building a community where people could come to feel like they belong. A space where compassion and kindness would be ever-flowing between all of us and quality didn't come with a premium or precedence.

Our Golden Tribe has grown in the past nine months to an inclusive group encouraging one another during difficult moments and keeping things light through our conversations and mishaps in life. Most of all, I am committed to helping our tribe create happy, beautiful spaces that spark joy inside and out - powerful sanctuaries to recharge and reset when you feel the most defeated. And a space of serenity and motivation when you are full of moxie and ready to take on the world.

I believe crystals are the perfect medium to channel what is already inside of us. Strength. Courage. Creativity. Inner-wisdom. These are the qualities that can guide us on our path to fulfill our life goals and purpose. In this sense, I see crystals as a way to remind us that we have what it takes to make a difference in this world - to truly live out our dreams no matter what obstacles face us. The beauty of crystals can be seen as a reflection of what is uniquely beautiful about you.

Whether you have been part of the Golden Tribe from the beginning or you are just finding us today, here is a little bit of what I do:

  1. Share Pearls of Wisdom

  2. Spread Love & Light

  3. Speak Inspiration to Overcome Adversity

  4. Strengthen Reflection & Self-Care

  5. Support Your Quest for Greatness

We have grown rapidly, but this is still just the beginning.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me and engaging in the Golden Tribe with an authentic passion for the community we have built together.

We are incredible... cheers to what comes next on our journey as the Golden Tribe!

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1 Comment

Love this and love YOU!!!!!!!! I hope you’re getting rest so you can enjoy your fun Friday!!!!!! 😘😘

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